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5 thoughts on “Art

  1. img 9961, 9972, and 3488 is there any purposeful symbolism here? if so would you be willing to tell me, this is only in order to appreciate it that much more.
    many thanks!

    • Hello Nate,
      Thanks for your comments and yes there is some symbolism in these pieces. 9961 and 9972 are both created for Altar of Plagues both for specific songs of theirs. 9961 is my visualisation for ‘Feather and Bone’, hence the obvious hawk references and multiple crescents as a lunar symbol. 9972 would be ‘Twisted Structures Against the Sun’ the triangles represent the ‘manmade’ pointing upwards, the tree is nature growing against the structure overgrowing it, anything man contructs will ultimately be reclaimed by the earth, the natural law will crush everything. Of course the circle behind is the sun. As for 3488 this is not so symbolic but based on an image I saw in a dream. A man medating with fire in a dark dank forest, I felt compelled to materialise this with pen and paper. Sometimes it’s good not to think things out but just create….I hope Nate, this is of some use.
      Again thank you for your interest.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain, I already enjoyed your work but now those pieces really have taken up a whole new meaning to me, those are fabulous songs and interpretations. keep it up friend

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