Tree roots for tattoo machines.

Ever deeper into the earth it grew, mooring itself firmly in place to stand strong for centuries.

I have always been drawn to tree’s, to roots, they stand as a document to history, a metaphor for stability, family and strength.  They also offer a certain spiritual significance to me and so I find myself constantly coming back to trees as a reference and subject for my drawings.  With this in mind I have decided to base my first set of giclee art prints on a drawing entitled ‘Rooted Within’ (see photo below).  Intended as a very limited run of only 10 prints, each will be finished by hand, more detailed information to follow.

As many of you know I am busy pursuing a career within tattoo art and so any proceeds I make from the sale of this work will be used to purchase my first tattoo machine.


One thought on “Tree roots for tattoo machines.

  1. i was just looking for some cool tree or root tattoos, and i was desperate. This was the first thing that made me realise in some way what i wanted, its meaningfull and great in so many ways i cant explain myself properly. Great artist you are sir.

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