From Peel to Beefheart

9pm to 11pm Tuesday to Thursday was a time of enlightenment a few years ago. John Peel would broadcast his show on BBC Radio 1 and myself along with thousands of others would sit at home in low lit rooms intently listening to the giddy range of amazing music he had unearthed that week.  It was a radio show devoid of loud mouth histrionics, jingles and corporate crap.  The records often played at the wrong speeds before hastily corrected alongside the amusing befuddled apologies.  It was this dedication to an artform to the enjoyment of listening that made John Peel’s show the only great music show I have ever come accross.

It was on the show I was introduced to the off kilter skewed musical view of Captain Beefheart who sadly passed away just recently.  So with this in mind I decided to take pencil to paper and attempt a portrait.

There is still a feeling of loss during that hallowed time slot and an absolute wealth of uncovered music that I am sadly no longer exposed to, both men will be and are missed.

RIP John Peel.

RIP Captain Beefheart.


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